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CfP: Travailler sur les dossiers personnels: apports et défis, limites méthodologiques et éthiques

Mon, 2019-09-09 09:49

Utilisé dès le XIXe siècle, le dossier personnel est le résultat d’une procédure de recueil d’informations, d’enregistrement, de description et de suivi d’un individu. Cette mise en écriture de l’existence individuelle devient un moyen de contrôle et de traçabilité pour identifier des catégories de personnes et surtout fabriquer une typologie de l’hors norme, dont l’objectif peut viser la protection de l’individu et de ses droits mais aussi et surtout la protection de la société en adaptant l’intervention à la nature jugée déviante de la personne concernée.

CfP: Research Seminar – History of Colonialism (19th- and 20th-centuries)

Mon, 2019-09-09 09:31

The Institute of Contemporary History at the Universidade NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal, is pleased to invite proposals for its new research seminar on the colonial past and its historical legacies during the academic year 2019/2020.

ToC July 2019 Kate Sharpley Library Bulletin

Fri, 2019-09-06 16:37

KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 99, July 2019 has just been posted. The PDF is up at:


The First of May. "This coming May 1st, the Toilers of the entire world will take to the streets: to do what? Why will they do so? To demand what? A palliative that is not going to be able to bring about any improvement in our lot."

Los orígenes del Instituto Internacional de Historia Social y su relación con el Movimiento Libertario Español

Fri, 2019-09-06 11:33

Aprovechando la estancia en España de Henk Wals, el director del IISH impartirá en nuestra sede de la calle Peñuelas 41, la conferencia 'Los orígenes del Instituto Internacional de Historia Social y su relación con el Movimiento Libertario Español" (19:00 h.).

CfP: VI International “Worlds of Labor” Conference

Fri, 2019-09-06 08:26

VI Internacional “Worlds of Labor” Conference
X National Workshop of Labor History
July, 13-16h 2020 / Universidade Federal Rural de Rio de Janeiro

Call for papers

Por la tierra y el trabajo. La conflictividad campesina en la provincia de Badajoz durante la II República (1931-1936)

Thu, 2019-09-05 09:06
El Grupo de Estudios sobre la Historia Contemporánea de Extremadura (GEHCEx) invita a la presentación del libro de Hortensia MÉNDEZ MELLADO: Por la tierra y el trabajo. La conflictividad campesina en la provincia de Badajoz durante la  II República (1931-1936), Cáceres, 20 de septiembre de 2019. 

 Más información en:

Social History Book Prize

Wed, 2019-09-04 17:17

We are seeking nominations for the Social History Society’s annual book prize. Our £1,000-prize rewards scholarship in Social History and is awarded annually by a panel of judges for the best original work published in the preceding calendar year. We are delighted to announce that this year’s panel is chaired by Professor Pat Thane and includes Professors Penny Summerfield, Phillipp Schofield, and Sasha Handley.

To be eligible for consideration for the prize, the book must:

CfA: David Montgomery Award

Wed, 2019-09-04 17:07

The David Montgomery Award is given annually by the OAH with co-sponsorship by the Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA) for the best book on a topic in American labor and working-class history. Eligible works shall be written in English and deal with United States history in significant ways but may include comparative or transnational studies that fall within these guidelines. The award is given in recognition of David Montgomery’s crucial role in pioneering new approaches to the study of working people and their history.

CfP: Ideas and their Consequences. Mass Violence and International Justice after 1919

Wed, 2019-09-04 10:37
Place: BerlinOrganizers: Lepsiushaus Potsdam; Armenian General Benevolent Union Europe; European Union of Jewish Students; Phiren Amenca.Date: 17.04.2020 - 19.04.2020 

The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. That summer marked the beginning of two contrasting historical developments.

INUAS Conference Vienna 2019 / Housing under Pressure. Dynamics between Centers and Peripheries

Tue, 2019-09-03 17:10

Rapid urban growth is associated not only with economic prosperity, the development of new fields of knowledge and technological innovation, but also with economic inequality, social polarization and environmental costs. Against this background, complex dynamics are taking place between centers and peripheral urban areas, in which urban functions and urban usage are shifting, new patterns of suburbanization are emerging, and places of living and dwelling are changing rapidly.

Instruire le peuple, émanciper les travailleurs. Théories et pratiques des socialistes et des anarchistes dans l’éducation du XIXe au XXe siècle

Tue, 2019-09-03 17:04

Le colloque "Instruire le peuple, émanciper les travailleurs. Théories et pratiques des socialistes et des anarchistes dans l’éducation du XIXe au XXe siècle" est organisé par l’Institut national supérieur du professorat et de l’éducation (Inspé) de l’académie de Créteil-UPEC, la Société Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, la Maison Auguste Comte et la Bibliothèque des Amis de l’Instruction.


A Century of Internationalisms: The Promise and Legacies of the League of Nations

Mon, 2019-09-02 08:30

This international conference aims to contribute to renew the interest and improve the knowledge of the League of Nations (LoN) and its impact in this last century marked by strong waves of internationalism and globalization, but also of crisis and nationalist reactions.

Inward Outward Symposium Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Films of Coloniality

Thu, 2019-08-29 12:41

Call for Presentations
Inward Outward Symposium
24 & 25 January 2020

On Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of January 2019, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) & the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Sound and Vision) organise the symposium Inward Outward in Hilversum (The Netherlands). This international symposium investigates the status of moving image and sound archives worldwide as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race.

CfP: Mapping Lives of Labour

Mon, 2019-08-26 12:17
CALL FOR PAPERS XIIIth International Conference on Labour History March 12-14, 2020, V.V Giri National Labour Institute, NOIDA, India Mapping Lives of Labour The Association of Indian Labour Historians (AILH) and the V.V Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI) jointly with the M.S. Merian–R.

CfP: Les mouvements sociaux dans les départements d'outre-mer depuis le début du XXIe siècle

Mon, 2019-08-12 15:27

Ce colloque vise à faire le point sur les mobilisations sociales qui touchent depuis le début du XXIe siècle les entités ultramarines régies par l'article 73 de la Constitution. En effet, les territoires qui ont connu le processus de la départementalisation (Guyane, Guadeloupe, Martinique, La Réunion, Mayotte) connaissent depuis près d’une décennie des mouvements de contestation d’une ampleur inédite qui paralysent leur vie économique et sociale pendant plusieurs semaines voire plusieurs mois.

CfP: Memory of Migrations and Diasporas / Family Memories of Mass Violence and Slavery

Mon, 2019-08-12 15:24

For the IVth ISA (International Sociological Association) Forum that will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, we organize two sessions with the Research Committee Historical Sociology. We would like to welcome contributors from a wide variety of research fields in order to discuss issues related to social, cultural and collective memory. One of the sessions will focus on migrations and diasporic experiences, in particular on family memories.

CfP: Cortona Colloquium, Social Transformation in a Digital World

Mon, 2019-08-12 09:42

Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli is currently shaping the twenty-second edition of the Cortona Colloquium. In 1985 the Foundation established a long-term agreement with the Municipality of Cortona and the Tuscany Region, aimed at hosting an international event, in which scholars and researchers had the opportunity to submit proposals for participation and to investigate, in an interdisciplinary confrontation, on the great themes of history, social and political theory.


CfP: LASA 2020, Área temática "Estudios del trabajo y de las relaciones de clase"

Mon, 2019-08-12 09:38

El área temática de los “Estudios de Trabajo y de las Relaciones de Clase” de la Asociación de Estudios Latinoamericanos (LASA – Latin American Studies Association) invita a todos los estudiosos del trabajo, en diferentes campos disciplinarios, a proponer comunicaciones y paneles para el Congreso LASA2020 que se celebrará en Guadalajara, México, del 13 al 16 de mayo de 2020.