Workingclass Subjectivities and Sexualities

CFP: ILWCH special issue

International Labor and Working Class History
Volume 69 (Spring 2006)
Coordinating editors: Dorothy Sue Cobble and Victoria Hattam

Call for Papers

We propose a volume that will draw upon exciting new work that has been emerging since the 1980s on workingclass masculinity and sexuality and will extend and encourage the parallel exploration of other dimensions of workingclass subjectivity. We are especially interested in papers that explore the dynamic interaction, or coconstitution of class with other identities. Possible topics include: the changing forms and representationsof workingclass femininities and masculinities; workingclass desire and sexual expression; masculinity and union cultures/institutions; historical constructions of workingclass bodies; sexed bodies and labor/social policy; sexualized workplaces, occupations, and work cultures; the class dynamics of race and ethnicity; workingclass subjectivities and the relation between private and public life; sexual minorities and union policy/practice. A small number of scholars will be invited to present draft papers at a oneday symposium in May 2004. The symposium will be jointly sponsored by ILWCH and the Institute for Research on Women and will be held at Rutgers University.


If you would like to be considered for the May symposium at Rutgers, and then considered for the ILWCH 2006 volume, please send paper proposals of 2-3 pages to the following email addresses by March 15: and to We will also accept proposals just for the 2006 ILWCH volume until June 15, 2004. These should be sent to the same two email addresses. First drafts of invited papers will be due October 1, 2004.