North American revolutionary journals digitized

Announcement, Marxists Internet Archive

The Marxists Internet Archive, Holt Labor Library and the Riazanov Library Project have completed another set of digitization of important journals published by North America revolutionary orgnizations:

The Agitator/The Syndicalist (1910 – 1913), the journal of the Syndicalist League of North America before WWI, it was William Z. Foster's first organization in the working class and represented the transplant of France's revolutionary syndicalism to the United States.

Young Worker. This was the journal of the Young Workers Leagues, the youth organization of the Communist Party after unification of the different factions in 1921. Edited by future Trotskyist Max Shactman, the journal continued publishing into the 1930s.

Challenge of Youth. Newspaper of the Young People's Socialist League. This paper went through several permutations first as the journal of the mainline Socialist Party of America. Then, shortly after it's launch in 1936, was taken over by revolutionary youth in YPSL sympathetic to the Trotskyists who were a faction inside the SP. When these Trotskyist were expelled and set up the Socialist Workers Party, they caputure YPSL and thus Challenge of Youth as well. The SWP itself split with Max Shachtman splitting YPSL from the SWP for his new established Workers Party. We have only a short run of the paper but we are trying to acquire more of them.

SWP Discussion/Information Bulletins 1960-1965. Continuing our documentation of the intellectual, polemical and internal life of the SWP-U.S. trhough this party's internal discussions. We have now all the DBs from the early 1930s through 1965.

International Socialist Review (1956-1970). The theoretical journal of the SWP-US is now complete. This means there is now a totally free public domain version of the entire theoretical project of the SWP and U.S. Trotskyist movement from 1934 through April of 1970 (when the publication fell under copyright) available for distribution and downloading in PDF format.