Best Practices for the Social History Domain

Best practices for the social history domain is one of the outcomes of the EU project HOPE-Heritage of the People's Europe. It contains a knowledge base for several practices social history institutions are dealing with.

The Social History Institution

The Social History Institution depicts the rich landscape formed by today's social history institutions and addresses cross-cutting issues, such as organizational viability, technological and financial sustainability, and procedural fitness.

The HOPE Model for Trusted Repositories

The HOPE Model for Trusted Repositories compares the technical architecture and governance of HOPE with the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) functional model for federated archives.

Cross-Domain Access

Cross-Domain Access describes the HOPE data model specifically as it supports the cross searching social history metadata. This section assesses the HOPE project on a range of issues related to interoperability, harmonization, and enrichment of the metadata at the semantic level.

Managing Digital Objects for Long-Term Access

Managing Digital Objects for Long-Term Access aims to define best practices for digital object management in order to guide social history institutions in the transition from access to preservation.


This section last updated July 2013. Content is no longer maintained.