Branting Monument in Stockholm

The Branting monument can be seen close to the Archives and Library of the Swedish Labour Movement in Stockholm. The artist Carl Eldh completed the monument 1942 but due to the Second World War it was not placed at Norra Bantorget and inaugurated until 1952. It shows the social-democratic leader Hjalmar Branting in a 1st of May demonstration around 1900. Branting steps forward and at the right side of the monument you can identify different persons from the early labour movement: August Palm, Axel Danielsson and others. To the left there are ordinary workers and women dressed as if they came directly from the factories. The banners flying over them are supposed to be red. There are other statues like Constantin Meuniers Harbour Worker in the neighbourhood. There are also a lot of famous paintings to be seen in the Peoples House and other buildings located close to Norra Bantorget.