Friendly Societies Research Group

New Mailbase discussion list

In order to promote the exchange of information about friendly societies, co-operatives and mutuality the Friendly Societies Research Group has established an email news group for people interested in this subject. Joining this group will enable you to ask questions of, and receive replies from, others on the list and you'll be kept informed of developments within the group. We'll be posting information about the forthcoming conference on 24th November 2000 to be held at the Open University, Milton Keynes and entitled 'Mutuality, survival strategies and the friendly society'.

You are welcome to pass on information about sources or ideas but you do not have to contribute, you can simply receive information.

If you wish to join the Mutuality-uk news group please go to this site and click on Join:

Dan Weinbren, chair FSRG

Posted: 12 April 2000