LabNet has stopped

18 years ago, an initiative of a group of European labour historians resulted in the foundation of LabNet as an organisation of individuals which had as its primary aim the exchange of information ( To that goal, the LabNet list, an e-mail list, was created, hosted by the International Institute of Social History (IISH). From 1997 to 2015, the LabNet list catered for a community of around 500 people, by providing a steady stream of information on upcoming conferences, call for papers, research projects, news on archival collections, digitization projects, job ads, etc., supplemented by occasional direct requests for research information.

When early 2015 it had become clear that developments in the world of online communication had rendered the medium of listserv-lists obsolete, the LabNet list was closed down. The archive of the LabNet messages can be found below.

Web-based information channels have taken over the role of the e-mail lists in the field of labour history, more in particular the Social and Labour History News Service of the ( Once a month sends out a table of contents of messages published in its News Service – not the entire text, just the clickable titles as they appear on the homepage. You can click HERE to subscribe!

At the same time, Social and Labour HistoryNews Service is a platform for which any information on social and labour history is very welcome. Please send news relating to social and labour history you would like publicized on the Social and Labour History News Service website to We welcome information about upcoming conferences, calls for papers, announcements of publications, book reviews, conference reports, news on collections, exhibitions, new websites, etc.


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