Two from the Kate Sharpley

On despatch industry workers and Japanese anarchists

The Kate Sharpley Library, which is an Anarchist Archive Center in Great Britain, has just published two brochures:

  • Des Partchrider, "The Couriers are Revolting! The Despatch Industry Workers Union 1989-92". 24 p. £1.50
    "Starting a union can be exciting, risky, hard work and a right good laugh... Even when nothing seems to go right there still exists the solidarity of comradeship. It was ironic (or flattering!) that the bosses with all their money and power were so scared of our humble union."

  • Victor Garcia, "Three Japanese Anarchists : Kotoku, Osugi and Yamaga", 28 p. £1.50
    "Victor Garcia, a Spanish militant, (sometimes known as the 'Marco Polo of Anarchism' for the length and breadth of his travels) tells the story of three of the major figures of Japanese anarchism, each of whom sheds light not only on the history of Japanese anarchism, but on that ofthe whole country."

Books can be ordered at Kate Sharpley Library, BM Hurricane, London WC1N 3XX, Great Britain.

Posted: 26 April 2000