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ViVa Women's History Database now available on the Web

ViVa is a current bibliography of articles about women's and gender history. Articles published in English, French, German and Dutch are selected from more than hundred European, American and Indian journals. The ViVa database now contains bibliographic records describing about 4700 articles published between 1975 and 2000 in 107 historical and women's studies journals.

The bibliography was started in 1990 by Els Kloek as a special project at the History Department of the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. By selecting and indexing women's history articles from fifty West European and American scholarly journals, Kloek and her assistants intended to create a reference tool for locating publications in this field, and to provide an overview of the development in writing women's history. It was published in three printed volumes, together covering the years 1975-1994.

After 1995, the project was continued by the International Institute of Social History (www.iisg.nl). The bibliography, now named ViVa, was first published on the World Wide Web in 1997. Since then, another fifty journals have been indexed retrospectively, and new titles have been added to the Web version on an ongoing basis. The complete bibliography, containing almost 4,700 titles published between 1975 and 2000 in more than hundred academic journals, is now accessible in the ViVa Database. The URL is www.iisg.nl/~womhist/vivahome.html.

ViVa is compiled by Jenneke Quast, International Institute of Social History (IISH), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with the assistance of Ron Berkepeis, IISH, Margaret Tennant, of Massey University (New Zealand), and Diane Hawkins, of SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY (USA).

For any questions or suggestions, please send an email to Jenneke Quast:

Posted: 22 May 2000