Jim Allen

Celebration of his life and work

A celebration of the life and work of the Socialist writer Jim Allen will take place on Saturday 7th October in Manchester at the Cornerhouse cinema. Starting his writing career on Coronation Street in the mid-60s Jim went on to write such influential TV drama as The Big Flame, The Lump, The Spongers, Days of Hope and United Kingdom. Working with Ken Loach in the cinema in the 1980s and 1990s he wrote important films such as Raining Stones (on unemployment), Hidden Agenda (on Ireland) and Land and Freedom (on the Spanish Civil War). The day long celebration has been organised by Jim's family, friends and local trade unionists and will feature extracts from his work and contributions from relatives and colleagues. Tickets are on sale now and can be booked on 0161-200-1500. An article on his life and work written by Barbara Slaughter can be found at www.wsws.org/articles/1999/aug1999/obit-a11.shtml.

Michael Herbert

Posted: 8 August 2000