Transnational project

A transnational project co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of Culture 2000 Programme

Project leader: Archivio audiovisivo del movimento operaio e democratico (Italy)

AMSAB (Belgium)
Discoteca di stato (Italy)
Institut CGT d'Histoire sociale (France)
Istituto per il lavoro (Italy)
Narodni filmovy archiv (Czech Republic)
Työväen Arkisto (Finland)

Description: May Day, a culturally historic event shared by all Europeans, is the theme of the project. May Day is still a symbolic date and time for mobilisation related to the construction of a European Citizenship, which needs to be promoted and explored in the light of the political, social, economic and cultural changes taking place in Europe, especially in view of building a European identity and citizenship. The project aims at the creation of both a European network of cultural institutions that will carry out all the activities related to the theme and of a website that will contain and disseminate the results of the work carried out by the transnational partnership.

Objectives: to promote awareness of specific aspects of European culture which are less known to the general public and especially to young people. As specified in the project, a first preview of the website will be online from the 1st of May 2002 and from that moment on, it will be progressively enriched by additional documents and materials.

For further information contact:
Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico
Via F.S.Sprovieri, 14 - 00152 Roma
Tel. 0039 06 5818442 - 5896698
Fax 0039 06 58331365

Bagattenstraat 174
B9000 Gent
tel 092240079
Lamorinièrestraat 233
B2018 Antwerpen
tel 032394287