Political Studies Association - Labour Movements Group

Annual conference

Department of Politics, University of Bristol
Political Studies Association - Labour Movements Group
Annual Conference Programme
Clifton Hill House, Bristol
4-5 July 2002


  • Session 1 2.00-3.30: Plenary
    Ross McKibbin (Oxford), 'Political Change in England, 1918-1951: An Interpretation'
  • 3.30-4.00: Tea
  • Session 2a 4.00-5.15: Responses to Globalisation
    -- Bill Dunn (UWE), 'Shifting capital'
    -- Paul Kay (Manchester), 'Neoliberal Restructuring and Human Rights: An Anatomy of Industrial Conflict in Mexico'
  • Session 2b 4.00-5.15: Labour's early years
    -- James Thompson (Bristol), 'Representing labour: Labour and the idea of the 'public', 1900-1914'
    -- David Young (Durham), 'Labour and the socialist incubus: writing the SDF back into Labour's history'
  • 5.15-5.30: Break
  • Session 3a 5.30-6.45 Labour and the 1960s
    -- Steve Fielding (Salford), 'Labour and the 1960s'
    -- Glen O'Hara (Bristol), 'The Labour Movement in Opposition and Government: Economic Policy in theory and reality 1959-70'
    -- Hugh Pemberton (Bristol) 'Labour and incomes policy'
  • Session 3b 5.30-6.45 Labour in Comparative Perspective
    -- Mary Hilson (UCL), 'British Labour in Scandinavian perspective, pre 1918'
    -- Mark Wickham-Jones (Bristol), 'British Labour and Swedish Social Democracy, 1945-60'
  • 7.00: Dinner


  • Session 4a 8.45-10.00: Labour in the interwar period
    -- John Callaghan (Wolverhampton), 'The World Crisis 1929-39 and Labour Socialism'
    -- Richard Toye (Manchester), 'Plan or perish: 1931 as a turning point in Labour's economic policy'
  • Session 4b 8.45-10.00: Comparative perspectives on social democracy (I)
    -- Nick Parsons (Cardiff) 'Trade unions and social democracy in France'
    -- Ben Clift (Brunel), 'Social democracy in France'
  • 10-10.15: Break
  • Session 5a 10.15-11.30: Labour and the postwar world
    -- Lawrence Black (Bristol), 'Labour and the festival of Labour'
    -- Darren Lilleker (Leicester), 'The end of the Labourist consensus: 1947, Consolidation and the rise of left-wing dissent'
  • Session 5b 10.15-11.30: Labour and ideology
    -- Ben Jackson (Oxford), 'Socialism and Social Justice: Egalitarianism on the British Left 1918-64'
    -- Marc Stears (Cambridge), 'Labour's ideology'
  • 11.30-1145: Coffee
  • Session 6a 11.45-1.00: Labour and the 1970s
    -- Kevin Jeffreys (Plymouth), 'The winter of discontent'
    -- Matt Hickson (Southampton), 'The IMF Crisis'
  • Session 6b 11.45-1.00: Reformism in Europe
    -- Thorsten Dvrting, 'Formulating Social Policy: Concepts and Expertise within the Labour Party and the SPD from 1950 to 1970'
    -- Anastasis Ghikas (York), 'Social democracy in Greece between the wars'
  • 1.00-2.00: Lunch
  • Session 7 2.00-3.30: Plenary
    -- James Cronin (Boston), 'New Labour's pasts'
  • 3.30-4.00: Tea
  • Session 8a 4.00-5.30: Comparative perspectives on social democracy (II)
    -- Magnus Ryder (Brunel), 'Why Social Democrats become Neo-Liberals: The Swedish Case'
    -- Fran Tonkiss, 'British and Australian Labour'
    -- Derya Komurcu (Sussex), 'Transnational Social Democracy; the PES, Employment Policy and the EU'
  • Session 8b 4.00-5.30: New Labour: policy and politics
    -- David Coates (WFU), 'New Labour's economic and industrial policy'
    -- Fiona Ross (Bristol), 'Labour and the NHS'
    -- Eric Shaw (Stirling), 'Labour and the market'

Further details from m.wickham@bristol.ac.uk or lawrence.black@bristol.ac.uk.