US Department of Labor

Expanded history website

This is to let H-Laborites know about my redesigned and greatly expanded Department of Labor history website that "rolled out" on May 6, 2002. "History@DOL" (for short) incorporates virtually everything from my previous history page and adds a lot of new material. The most important features of the site are research on DOL agencies and issues, and selected notable DOL documents. Included are a number of the published articles, conference papers, and unpublished monographs which my office has produced over the years. Topics include workers' safety and health, federal labor law, and government policies toward African Americans. Documents of particular interest are "The Negro Family" (aka the "Moynihan Report") and the 1976 DOL Bicentennial history, "The American Worker," written by David Montgomery, Irving Bernstein et al. Other features are: brief histories of the Department; biographical sketches and portraits of the Secretaries of Labor; an extensive list of history links; a hypertext DOL timeline and more. I sincerely hope that the new site will be useful and interesting both to undergraduates and to graduate students, faculty, and other serious researchers. To view it just go to and click on "History." I plan to make regular additions and revisions, so this is very much a work in progress. I would be very interested in any comments, questions or suggestions you might have. Also, I would very much appreciate it if you would pass along any typos, misspellings or other mistakes that may have escaped my watchful but, at times, weary eye.

Judson MacLaury
Historian, U.S. Dept of Labor