Anarchism in Melbourne

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Historical Overview of Anarchism in Melbourne

pulls together many of the stories and people involved in the anarchist movement in Melbourne over the last 116 years or so. This is a first attempt to give a broard overview of the many anarchists, publications, organisations and events in Melbourne, primarily up to about 1975, with links to some more recent events.

The Melbourne Anarchist Archives: Drafts and Documents 1966-1973

provides substantial information on the theoretical development of anarchism in Melbourne for the Melbourne/La Trobe current, as well as current issues and debates at the time including: Conscription, Maoism, Anti-war, support for the NLF, student protest, May Day, Workers' Control, the Moratorium movement, Czechoslovakia, Student action for Education.

Carnival Anarchism 1970-1975

The other major anarchist current in Melbourne 1970 to 1975 was what was loosely termed 'carnival anarchism', which includes the stories of the Collingwood Freestore and Australia's first free Legal Aid Service.

Eureka Rebellion suppressed 3rd December 1854
The story of the Eureka Rebellion in 1854 is being told from an anarchist perspective by Dr Joe Toscano. Read his account here: