Urban Trade and Craft Guilds

CFP: conference in London

A two-day conference to be held at the Centre for Metropolitan History, Senate House, London
Friday 31 October - Saturday 1 November 2003

Call for Papers

Following on from a successful conference on London livery companies held in April 2000, this conference seeks to build on the lively current historical interest in guilds to encourage a broader exploration of these organisations across Europe. As interest in guilds has revived in recent years the questions that shaped enquiry early in the last century have been replaced by a new variety and range of approaches. This conference seeks to reflect this diversity and to encourage cross-over between different approaches. It is particularly concerned to encourage the development of comparative national and international work in this area.

Papers are invited that deal with aspects of urban trade and craft guilds and their membership in Europe at any point in history. We welcome case-studies of individual guilds as well as broader or more theoretical pieces.

Keynote speakers to include: Professor Larry Epstein, Professor Derek Keene.

Papers that address the following themes will be particularly welcome: * Internal and external communication * Self-representation * Contemporary perceptions of guilds * Architecture and space * Rituals * Religious dimensions * The nature of guild power * Gender, work and regulation * Artisanal experience of association * Fraud and deceit * Fragmentation of authority * National and international networks * Innovation and new technology * Mercantile systems

Papers that consider comparisons between the guilds of different towns, cities, regions or countries would be particularly welcome. The conference organisers are also keen to attract papers that investigate the absence of guilds in particular urban environments.

Send abstracts of 300 words (by post or e-mail) by 31 March 2003 to: Dr P. Wallis, Department of History, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK; patrick.wallis@nottingham.ac.uk.

Conference committee: Dr. I. A. Gadd, Dr. M. Davies, Professor D. Keene, Dr. P. Wallis