UK-Australian Labour History

Conference in Manchester

UK-Australian Labour History Conference
July 16th, 17th and 18th, 2003
Provisional programme

The Society for the Study of Labour History is organising a joint conference with the Australian Society on Anglo-Australian Labour History. The conference will be held in Manchester, England, in July 2003.

The conference consists of three strands.

  • Strand A, Historiography, Archives and Comparative Perspectives will be held at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the Mabel Tylecote Building, Third Floor.
  • Strand B, Institutions and Cultures will be held in the adjacent Geoffrey Manton Building at the Manchester Metropolitan University, Ground Floor.
  • Strand C, The Political Economy of Labour will be held at the International Centre for Labour Studies, Williamson Building, University of Manchester.


Wednesday July 16th

  • 10.00: Coffee and Tea - Atrium, Geoffrey Manton Building
  • 10.30: Welcome and Introduction: The co-organisers: Greg Patmore, University of Sydney Neville Kirk, Manchester Metropolitan University -- Geoffrey Manton Building, Ground Floor, Lecture Room 1
  • Strand A -- Mabel Tylecote, Third Floor
    • 11.00-1.00: Comparative History-Stefan Berger-Greg Patmore
    • 2.00-4.00: UK Labour Historiography-Keith Gildart; Australian Labour Historiography-Harry Knowles
    • 4.15-6.00: UK Labour Archives-Jeannette Martin, Alan Bell; Australian Labour Archives-Sigrid McCausland
  • Strand B -- Geoffrey Manton Building, Lecture Theatre 3
    • 11.00-1.00: Co-ops UK-John Walton, Gwen Cropper, Peter Gurney; Co-ops Australia-Erik Eklund
    • 2.00-4.00: Friendly Societies UK-Dan Weinbren; Friendly Societies Australia-Bob James
    • 4.15-6.00: Trade Unions UK-Gary Daniels; Trade Unions Australia-Mark Hearn
  • Strand C -- University of Manchester, Williamson Building, Third Floor
    • 11.15-1.00: Management and Labour UK-Arthur McIvor; Management and Labour Australia-Chris Wright
    • 2.00-4.00: Labour and the State UK-David Coates; Labour and the State Australia-Greg Patmore
    • 4.15-6.00: Labour Parties and Class UK-Leighton James; Labour Parties and Class Australia-Ray Markey

Thursday, July 17th

  • Strand A -- Manchester Metropolitan University, Mabel Tylecote Building, Third Floor
    • 10.00-1.00: Comparative Perspectives
      British Chartists in Australia and New Zealand-Paul Pickering; 'Land and Liberty': Henry George in Britain and Australia-Tony Taylor
    • 2.30-4.00: Comparative UK and Australian Labour History and Archival Research: The Way Forward - Panel members and general discussion
  • Strand B -- Geoffrey Manton Building, Lecture Theatre 3
    • 10.00-1.00: Volunteer Labour-UK-Justin Davis-Smith; Volunteer Labour-Australia-Melanie Oppenheimer
      Child Labour-UK-Stephen Cunningham; Child Labour-Australia-Maree Murray
    • 2.00-6.00: Race-UK-Ken Lunn; Race-Australia-Julia Martinez
      Gender-UK-Karen Hunt; Gender-Australia-Raelene Frances and Bruce Scates
  • Strand C -- Williamson Building, Third Floor
    • 10.00-1.00: Communist Parties-UK-Kevin Morgan; Communist Parties-Australia-Stuart Macintyre
      Labour and the Cold War-UK-Neil Redfern; Labour and the Cold War-Australia-Philip Deery
    • 2.30-4.30: Labour Intellectuals-UK-David Howell; Labour Intellectuals-Australia-Terry Irving and Sean Scalmer
    • 4.45-6.00: The Political Economy of Labour: The Way Forward

Friday, July 18th

  • Strand B -- Geoffrey Manton Building, Lecture Theatre 3
    • 10.00-12.00: Issues in Working Class Culture-UK-Mike Savage; Issues in Working Class Culture-Australia-Bobbie Oliver
    • 12.00-1.00: Institutions and Cultures: The Way Forward
    • 2.30-4.00: Plenary, Manton Building, Lecture Theatre 3
      Review, Issues, the Way Forward

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Entrance costs £15 waged / £10 unwaged