Wealth and Poverty

CFP: Anglo-American Conference

H-Net Announcement
73rd Anglo-American Conference of Historians
Wealth and Poverty
7-9 July 2004 at the University of London Senate House
Location: United Kingdom
Call for Papers Deadline: 2003-11-03

The theme of the 73rd Anglo-American Conference will be Wealth and Poverty. The conference will aim to cover a long chronological span from the Ancient World to the present day and a wide geographical area. The conference will address a variety of themes among which might be the following. How do people think of wealth and poverty? How is wealth justified and condemned? Poverty as an ideal. Poverty as an evil. How have religions influenced ideas of wealth and poverty? How is wealth created? How is poverty alleviated? How have political ideologies influenced wealth and poverty and the relationship between them? Should wealth be re-distributed? The impact of debt and credit. How do issues relating to wealth and poverty differ among different regions of the world and between urban and rural areas? How do wealth and poverty affect perceptions of gender? How do wealth and poverty affect perception of class? How does wealth or poverty affect families? How does age affect wealth or poverty? How has wealth, and poverty, been transmitted across the generations? How have different societies defined and viewed wealth and poverty?

We welcome either individual paper proposals or panel proposals. Individual papers should be no more than 20 minutes in length and panels no more than 2 hours. Please send a brief synopsis of your paper or panel proposal, together with a brief CV to the addres or email below and is to arrive no later than 3rd November 2003.

Dr Debra Birch
Head of Events and Facilities
Institute of Historical Research
Senate House
Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU
Email: debra.birch@sas.ac.uk