Radical Sexual Politics

Conference in Amsterdam

Past and Present of Radical Sexual Politics
Fourth International Research Seminar on Socialism and Sexuality
Amsterdam, October 3-4 2003

Preliminary Program

The sequence of the papers is based on a more or less chronological order.

  • Friday, October 3d
    Location: CREA building, Muziekzaal, Turfdraagsterspad 17
    • 10.00 Rene Scherer (Paris): "Charles Fourier et les ralliements d'amour" or the sexual utopia of this early socialist
    • 10.20 Jesse Battan (Fullerton): From Fourier to Foucault: Changing Conceptions of 'Sexual Revolution' in the United States
    • 10.40 Judy Greenway (University of East London): 'Together we will make a new world': sexual and political utopianism
    • 11.00 Judit Takacs (Budapest): Kertbeny's ambiguous identities
    • 11.20 coffee break
    • 11.40 J. Edgar Bauer (Heidelberg): Magnus Hirschfeld's Doctrine of Sexual Intermediaries and the Transgender Politics of Identity
    • 12.00 Gottfried Heuer (University of Essex): Otto Gross, inventor of the term "sexual revolution"
    • 12.20 Dan Healey (Swansea): Bolshevik Medicine and the Sexual Revolution
    • 12.40 Maria Kyriakidou (American College of Thessaloniki): Female bodies, sexuality and leftist feminism: the 'personal as political' in inter-war Greece
    • 13.00 lunch
    • 14.00 David Berry (Loughborough University, UK): Daniel Guerin's engagement with sexology and the gay movement
    • 14.20 Lena Lennerhed (Sodertorn University College, Sweden): The Pursuit of Pleasure. Sexual Liberalism is Sweden in the 1960's
    • 14.40 Saskia Poldervaart (University of Amsterdam, Gender Studies): The history of the communal movement in the Netherlands and its sexual politics
    • 15.00 Lucy Robinson (Sussex): Carnival of the Oppressed: The Angry Brigade and the Gay Liberation Front
    • 15.20 tea break
    • 15.40 Peter Drucker (Amsterdam): Can Sexual and Political Radicalism Converge?: The Italian Lesbian/Gay Movement from FUORI! to the European Social Forum
    • 16.00 Daniel Borrillo (Paris): Le pacs, les socialistes français et les homosexuels
    • 16.20 Jan Willem Duyvendak (University of Amsterdam): closing lecture for the first day plus general discussion
  • Saturday, October 4th
    Location: Oudemanhuispoort, room A 009
    • 10.20 Monika Pisankaneva (Sofia): The Forbidden Fruit: Sexuality in Communist Bulgaria
    • 10.40 José Fernando Serrano Amaya (Universidad Central, Bogotá and University of Bradford, UK): Body and conflict in Colombia: reflections on a political practice
    • 11.00 Gert Hekma (University of Amsterdam): The disappearance of sexual radicalism in The Netherlands
    • 11.20 coffee break
    • 11.40 Jamie Heckert (University of Edinburgh): Towards Consenting Relations: Anarchism and Sexuality
    • 12.00 Paul Reynolds (Edge Hill College) Marxism and the Politics of Sexuality: Critical Engagements
    • 12.20 Mark Blasius (City University of New York): The new sexual movements
    • 12.40 Final discussion

Gert Hekma
Gay and Lesbian Studies
Sociology and Anthropology
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