Intermediaries in Labour Relations

CFP: a conference in Brussels, 4-5 December

Intermediaries in Labour Relations From Pre-industrial Societies to the XXth Century
Call for Papers

Business History Center/Groupe d'histoire des entreprises Free University of Brussels/Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels 04.12.2008-05.12.2008, Institute for the Study of Europe/Institut d'etudes europeennes
Deadline: 01.09.2008

At the present moment, when some economic historians (e.g. Peter Temin) estimate the market efficiency by the degree of activity of market-intermediaries, it seems necessary to wonder about the permanency of this "actor" in the economy. Since the first waves of economic globalization up to the traders' desks of the XXth century, the perspective this workshop intends to address is to focus on the role of intermediaries in the long run in Western Europe.Nowadays, following the rise of financial markets, economics has got a grip on the word "intermediation" and ended up assigning a very limited meaning to it, that of financial intermediation. A quick search in university libraries catalogues confirms this impression: the search results in an overwhelming number of titles related to financial economy, market economy and banking systems. Such works, though useful, give us only a partial insight into the multiplicity of forms that intermediation takes and may take in a long term (be it from a cultural, economic or political point of view).
Topics suggested for papers: