Labour History

Ann: Number 94 May 2008

Labour HistoryA Journal of Labour and Social HistoryNumber 94 * May 2008


President's Column

Tribute to Eric Fry and Bob GollanEdited by Peter Love


Eric Fry (1921-2007)
Peter Love

Robin Gollan (1917-2007)Stuart Macinytre


With Thanks, Always: For Eric Fry and Bob Gollan Susan Magarey

R.A. Gollan, E.C. Fry and the Canberra years of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History John Merritt

'A Greater Concentration of Purpose': The Intellectual Legacy of Eric Fry and Robin Gollan Verity Burgmann

Other Articles

Port Politics: Indian Seamen, Australian Unions and Indonesian Independence, 1945-47 Heather Goodall

Containing Discontent: Anti-Chinese Racism in the Reinvention of Angus Cameron Phil Griffiths

'A Terrible Monster': From 'Employers to Capitalists' in the 1885-86 Melbourne Wharf Labourers' Strike?Nick Dyrenfurth

Respect not Relief: Feminism, Guild Socialism and the Guild Hall Commune in Melbourne 1917 Judith Smart

Pragmatic Procrastination: Governments, Unions and Equal Pay, 1949-68 Tom Sheridan and Pat Stretton

Research Report

On The Technique of Working-Class Journalism
Rowan Cahill

Research Note

Trade Union Yobbos Inspire Book on Misogyny Meredith Burgmann and Yvette Andrews


Andy Irvine

Book Reviews

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