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Presents 600 pamphlets from Labadie Collection

(Thanks to The Research on Anarchism List (RA-L))

Scarlet Letter Archives presents 600 pamphlets from Labadie Collection; calls for new content and volunteers

From: Anarchist Archivist [mailto][/mailto]

Hi Everyone,

It's an exciting time here at the Scarlet Letter Archives.

Our downloading robot, DOMO_ARIGATO, has just finished putting up over 600 pamphlets from the Labadie Collection (thanks to Julie Herrada) up on our Flickr page:

There is a lot of great material here.
I am really surprised to see how much of it is in foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian.

Next, we will be working on
(1) converting these to Text / HTML files for the web
(2) converting these to PDF files that people can download, print, and distribute.

We are always always always looking for new material to add to the site.
We would love your contribution of any non-copyrighted anarchist material, in any language.
To submit files, all you have to do is take a Digital Photograph of the pages of text.
It's super easy. A 5-megapixel camera should be sufficient. You might want to get a stand to stabilize your shot, though. Here is a brief guide: [url][/url]

Also, we are looking for volunteers.
(1) To help run the software that will convert these images to text
(2) To better organize the collection
(3) To help design and administer the website
(4) To help convert the images to PDFs. I'm thinking of using a PERL package and maybe the ImageMagick library to do this. I've never done this before, though, so let me know if you know about PDFs, Image conversion, Ghostscript, etc and how to write a script to convert a series of GIFs to a PDF.


Take care; stay free,