Popular Culture and Socialism(s)

CFP: an edited collection

Popular Culture and Socialism(s): Call for proposals for contributions to an edited collection

Over the past two decades, historians, sociologists, art critics, anthropologists and media scholars have contributed to a veritable outpouring of publications exploring the complex relationships between cultural practices, political agendas, and economic policies in the post-1945 period. This growing body of work is bringing to light important structural similarities between cultural developments in the East and the West, and highlighting the continuities between post-1945 cultural histories and long-term historical trends, including the rise of modernity, popular sovereignty and mass production. The proposed edited collection seeks to further the debate on these issues by focussing on the history of popular culture in socialist Eastern Europe. We welcome contributions addressing one or more of the following issues:

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Ideally, we would like all contributions to be both empirically grounded and theoretically informed. Please send your proposals (800-1000 words) with a brief Curriculum Vitae (1 x A4) to Reana Senjkovic ([mailto]Reana@ief.hr[/mailto]) and Sabina Mihelj ([mailto]S.Mihelj@lboro.ac.uk[/mailto]) BY OCTOBER 31, 2008. We will inform you about our decision by December 15, and if your proposal is accepted, we will expect a first draft by the end of May 2009, and a final manuscript by the end of September 2009.

We are currently in the process of securing funding for a small workshop that will allow us to discuss the first drafts and the possible ways of weaving them together into a coherent book. The workshop will be organized in Budapest, Hungary, in June 2009. Further details will follow after the submission of abstracts.

Sabina Mihelj
Department of Social Sciences
Loughborough University
Loughborough LE11 3TU, UK

Reana Senjkovic
Institut of Ethnology and Folklore Research
Subiceva 42
10000 Zagreb, Croatia