Anarchism, Labor Unions, and Working People

CFP: Working USA

The social and political philosophy of anarchism has had a long history with labor movements and unions since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. This relationship has continued and persisted throughout the 20th Century--in one form or another--to today. Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society is soliciting submissions for a special issue on anarchism, labor unions, and working people. Submissions may be contemporary or historical in nature, may be case studies or more theoretical pieces, and may range over any geographical space (including any international cultural, country, or regional focus).

Possible topics for submission may include the following:
  • Anarchist organizing with unions
  • Working class anarchism
  • Post-left anarchism
  • Revolutionary syndicalism / Anarcho-syndicalism
  • Anarchism's relationship towards both the economy and the environment
  • Anarchism and workl
Proposals are welcome and are due by December 1, 2008. Manuscript submissions are due February 1, 2009. Essays should be within the range of 4,000 to 7,000 words in length, although editors will consider shorter or longer manuscripts on a case by case basis. Articles may also be published in a forthcoming edited volume.

Please send all proposals and manuscript submissions electronically to special issue editors: Immanuel Ness, [mailto][/mailto] and Dana Williams [mailto][/mailto].

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