Il lavoro, le guerre | Wars, Labour | Le travail, les guerres | Europe 1914-1945

Conference, 25-27 May, Reggio Emilia, Italy

International Conference - Reggio Emilia, 2016, May 25-27
"Wars, Labour. Europe 1914-1945"

The Italian Society of Labour History (SISLav) organizes an international conference on labour during the two World Wars, under the heading "Wars, Labour. Europe 1914-45". Its primary aim is to promote a comparative outlook, in order to encompass both world conflicts: the studies in each of the two wars have fostered highly specialized researches, producing a bulk of knowledge, data and interpretations which remain largely disjointed and need to be put into contact. An historical analysis in cross perspective between the two wars might contribute to move forward the understanding of changes and developments occurred in the field of labour and, more comprehensively, in the societies involved in the massive event of 1914-1945. Various topics are intended to be taken into account: working and production conditions; work and production system mobilization to support the military economy; men and women’s working and living conditions; work disciplining apparatuses and deployments; forced work; militarization of labour and society; State intervention politics in social, economic, industrial, economic, civil mobilization. In this historical perspective, scholars from different countries and in diverse branches of knowledge are invited to present their researches, in order to shed new light on the topic.

Conference language: Italian

Location: Reggio Emilia, Aula Magna Manodori - Università degli studi, Via Allegri 9