European Labour History Network Working Group “Feminist Labour History” Newsletter

N. 1, June 2016

Dear members of the ELHN Working Group "Feminist Labour History”, dear interested
Colleagues and friends,

As you might know already, the EHLN working group on “Feminist Labour History”,
created in October 2013, aims to build and develop existing, more or less formal and
informal contacts and networks of scholars with an interest in gendered labour history
in Europe and around the world. We aim to bring together and support research related
to a broad range of themes and concepts in feminist labour history including but not
limited to the following:

  • the intersection of class, race, gender, global inequality, etc. in all thematic areas of labour history
  • the global gendered division of labour
  • the historical engendering of various types and forms of labour
  • the historical evolvement of the relationship between paid and unpaid or subsistence-oriented work
  • commodification and decommodification of domestic and care work
  • the role gender has played in shaping labour law and practice of regulating labour and the impact of labour law and labour practices on gender and gender relations
  • trade unions and gender locally, nationally and internationally
  • the politics of “women’s work” and “men’s work”
  • the exchange of knowledge about primary sources, archives, and literature related to the history of gender and labour.

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