Latin American Labor Congress 2017. Work and Labourers. Past and Present

Conference, 2-6 May 2017, La Paz, Bolivia

We are pleased to send you the Preliminary Program of the Latin American Labor Congress.  Work and Labourers.  Past and Present. La Paz, 2-6 May 2017 in La Paz-Bolivia.

The Congress, following the experience of the IISG, will cover the period since 1500.  There will be around 60 expositions, 12 organizers and 8 to 10 discussants from different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and other countries.  We will also organize a round table with James Dunkerley from Great Britain, John French, Director of the leading journal Hispanic American Historical Review, Willem Van Schendel from our Institute and from the UVA, David Mayer, Larissa Correa.

The topics treated in the four days are:  Representations and interpretations of Work and Labour (Paid and unpaid, Rural Worker, etc.); Labour and Gender, the ILO in Latin America; Conflicts, Worker's Movements and other social struggles; Labour, Unfree and Free, Slavery, transitions and Ambiguities; Labur and Migrations; Flexibilization and Precariousness.

Preliminary Program (PDF)

Organizers:  Valeria Coronel (FLACSO-Ecuador); María Ullivarri (CONICET-Argentina); David Mayer (CeMIS Centre for Modern Indian Studies), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen; IISG); Gabriela Scodeller (CONICET, INCIHUSA-CCT Mendoza); Lucas Poy (CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires); Larissa Correa (PUC-Río, Brasil); Laura CARUSO (UNSAM-UBA-CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina); Andrés STAGNARO (UNSAM-UBA-CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina); Beatriz Mamigonian (Universidad Federal Santa Catarina, Brasil); Paola Revilla (Bolivia, Universidad de Chile y EHESS-Paris); Mauritzio Atzeni (Centro de Investigaciones Laborales, Argentina); Alexandre Fortes (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ-Brasil); Alfonso Hinojosa (Bolivia); Cristina Vega (FLACSO-Ecuador).

General Organizers:  Rossana Barragán (IISG-Amsterdam) and Amaru Villanueva Rance (CIS-Vicepresidency Bolivia)

Discussants:  Mirta Lobato (Argentina).  Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. Specialist in Social History, History of the making of the working class in Argentina; Labor and Gender.  Sidney Chalhoub (Brazil, United States). Harvard University.  Specialist in Social History, History of Slavery and Manumission in Brazil in the Nineteenth Century.  Sergio Serulnikov (Argentina).  Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires. Specialist in the Hispanic Colonial World; Andean Societies; Indian Rebellions and Social Movements.  Carlos Illades (Mexico).  Universidad Autónoma de Cuajimalpa, México.  Specialist in Social History, Ninetheenth and Twentiteh Century; History of the Left, Socialism and Political Violence.  Christian G. De Vito (Italy). Utrecht University, Leicester University. Labour and Social History; Unfree and Free Work; Penal and Convict Labour in Latin America.  Felipe Castro (México).  Historian, Researcher of UAM.    Specialist in Social and Economic History; Mining and Labour History.  Verena Stolcke (Spain).  Emeritus Professor of the Universidad de Barcelona. Anthropologist specialist in History and Gender, Slavery, Cuba and Brazil. Gioconda Herrera (Ecuador). FLACSO-Ecuador. Specialist in International Migrations; Gender and Migration; Social Inequalities and Globalization.