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Newsletter, nr 1, 2017

ASKI Newsletter # 1, January - February 2017

About us

The Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI) is the leading Greek archival institution for the history of political and social movements, with a particular emphasis on the history of the Greek Left. Founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization and located in the center of Athens, ASKI holds the most comprehensive collection of archives relating to Greek social history and related public history projects and activities (publications, workshops and conferences, radio programs, historical walking tours) that enrich historical awareness and the collective memory of social, political and ethnic groups.
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ASKI launches the Makronissos Digital Museum

Between 1947 and 1950 Makronissos, a small island in the Aegean sea, became infamous for the intense psychological torture and corporal punishment of political dissenters. Amidst the dark post-Civil War atmosphere, more than 50.000 citizens were imprisoned in reeducation camps created to “fight the spread of communism”. The ultimate aim of the Makronissos experiment was the transformation of “traitors” into “model national-minded citizens”.
The Makronissos Digital Museum is a joint project of ASKI and the Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies. Visitors can browse photographs, documents, newspapers and journals, while getting a sense of the island through maps, memoirs and testimonies. The accompanying texts, written by historians and researchers of the topic, provide firm background knowledge for one of the darker and understudied aspects of Modern Greek history.
ASKI is planning to provide until the end of 2017 an english-language version of the Makronissos Digital Museum.

ASKI joined the Europeana collections

The Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI) provided 10.535 digital items to Europeana - Heritage of the People's Europe.

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Twelve lessons for the Greek 20th century: seminar for teachers of primary and secondary education

ASKI in cooperation with the Welfare Foundation for Social & Cultural Affairs (KIKPE) are offering, for the third time since 2015, a series of weekly seminars for sixty teachers. The seminar covers seminal points of Modern Greek history and aims to foster historical knowledge, dialogue and the development of innovative methods for teaching history in Greek schools.

Red Histories: radio program

ASKI has announced the fifth series of its weekly program “Red Histories” broadcasted on Sunday (1pm-2pm) national-wide by the Kokkino 105.5 radio station. The program addresses issues of social history and evolves around the question of how societies relate and adapt their changing experiences by using the past as a marker for interpreting the present. In the following weeks topics include the Makronissos Digital Museum, the role of digital games in fostering historical knowledge, the Macedonian traditional dances and the lost history of Slavic dialects.
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History Drafts 2016-2017

In October 2016 ASKI launched an ongoing work-in-progress seminar titled History Drafts. The topics discussed relate to the main research interests of ASKI: the history of the Left, the relations between capital and labor, the new social movements, the social and intellectual history of the 19thand the 20th Century.

Research Grant "Zogia Chronaki and Nikos Papamichos"

The Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI) announce the first call for the research grant "Zogia Chronaki and Nikos Papamichos" to promote the study of women's history, feminist thought and feminist and/or women's movements in Greece during the 20th century. This research grant has been made possible by the generous donations of friends and comrades of Zogia Chronaki, an academic and leading figure of the Greek feminist movement.

Call for applications

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