CfP: II Leon Trotsky International Meeting. 80 years of Trotsky's death

Call for papers, deadline 29 March 2020

II Leon Trotsky International Meeting

80 years of Trotsky's death

November 8-12, 2020 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Realization: PUC-SP (9-12) and Unesp Institute of Arts (8th November)


The First International Academic Meeting Leon Trotsky: Life and Contemporary – A Critical Approach, took place in Havana, Cuba, May 6-8, 2019, at the Casa de Mexico Benito Juárez Museum, with the participation of researchers from various parts of the world: Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Peru, Austria, Venezuela, among other countries. Organized by Cuban Frank García Hernández, this was the first event of its kind in Cuba involving issues related to Trotsky and his legacy.

Continuing this initiative, the Second Leon Trotsky International Meeting, to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which will consist of a political event with artistic activities, aims to bring to the public a broader and more open debate about Trotsky's legacy, approaching, like the Cuban event, several aspects of his work and his political action:

· timeliness of Trotsky's thought


· historical themes linked to Trotsky


· Trotsky and the history of the Russian Revolution


· autobiography and biographies of Trotsky


· discussion about digital archives of Trotsky's work


· Trotsky and the Spanish Civil War


· Trotsky and the Uneven and Combined Development Law


· bureaucratization of the Communist Revolutions


· the role of arts and culture in capitalist and socialist societies


· the theory of Permanent Revolution


· characterization of the Soviet State


· Trotsky and the Literature


· Trotsky and Surrealism


· Trotsky and the sciences


· Trotskyism today


· Trotskyism in Brazil


· Trotsky's exile in Mexico and his relationship with the Americas


· the question about political asylum

· the relationship between Trotsky and other revolutionaries (Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Gramsci, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara ...)

· The IV Communist International today


· feminism, anti-racism and anti-colonial struggles and their relations with Trotskyism


· Trotsky and the black question.


In 2020, the 80th anniversary of Leon Trotsky's death in August 1940 in Mexico is remembered, as well as the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels. The event aims to take the opportunity to motivate reflection on Trotskyist proposals and to address Trotsky's original ideas, reinterpreting them in the current context. At the present moment, permeated by value crises and attempts to disallow political thinking, the discussion of Trotsky's ideas can act as a motivating element for the establishment of new philosophical, scientific, aesthetic and political parameters.

In such a spirit, the organizers invite all interested people to propose their contributions!


Proposals should consist of a summary of up to 800 words from the paper on some Trotsky and Trotskyism-related topic, as suggested above. The proposals will be submitted to a Selection Committee of the works to be presented and debated during the event.

It is conditio sine qua non that the proposer, when submitting her/his proposal (summary of his paper), commits himself to her/his attendance at the Meeting. The selection of a proposal therefore presupposes the presence of its author during the event.

The Selection Committee will be responsible for selecting up to 40 papers to be presented individually in the form of lectures lasting 30 minutes each. In addition to the lectures, the event will bring to public 8 Round Tables with specific themes linked to the legacy of Leon Trotsky.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 29 March 2020 exclusively to the email and will consist of:

· Application form duly completed and signed, sent in PDF format;

· Paper summary of a maximum of 800 words;

· Author's short Curriculum Vitae.


The selection of papers, carried out by the Selection Committee of the event, will be held until May 31, 2020 and communicated to the proponent no later than the first week of June 2020. The selected papers may be subject to future publication and should be delivered according to the Event Template available from: <>.

The Second Leon Trotsky International Meeting will not bear any expenses related to the arrival and stay of the participants. By invitation letter of acceptance of the works to be provided by the Organizers, the proponents who have their works accepted should seek resources on their own initiative that allow them to come and stay in the city of São Paulo during the event.