Women and Post-War Transitions: Work

Event, 23-24 January 2020, Trieste, Italy

We invite you to a workshop titled "Women and Post-War Transitions: Work" organized within the ERC project EIRENE in collaboration with Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici Università di Trieste.

The event will take place on 23 and 24 January 2020, at the premises of University of Trieste (Androna Campo Marzio 10, Trieste).

We would like to invite you to take part in the workshop entitled "Women and Post-War Transitions: Work" in the scope of the ERC Advanced Grant project EIRENE, which is led by Prof. Marta Verginella. The workshop will host renowned international researchers and project collaborators, who will discuss women’s work in Europe in postwar periods, namely in the periods following World War I and II and the 1990s.

The topic: The destruction and devastation caused by the ravages of war left a deep mark in post-war periods, in which an abrupt ending of the wartime economy did not always result in an immediate shift to the peacetime economy. The uncertainty of geopolitical and administrative frameworks upon the introduction of the new political regimes dictated the tempo of the post-war reconstruction and new economic directions. The latter were subject to research, the labour market in post-war transitions less so, particularly in terms of questions addressing the female population’s labour.

The symposium will highlight the dynamic of work processes in a gendered perspective in different post-war periods of the 20th century. Different groups of working women (employees of tobacco and textile factories, office workers, port employees, housemaids, social workers, police officers, teachers, and members of the intelligentsia) will be subject to a comparative analysis in order to establish similarities and differences between respective regions and spot differences between global tendencies and local realities. The EIRENE project focuses primarily on research of the multicultural area of the north-eastern Adriatic, where women’s labour, particularly in the post-war periods, experienced a significant impact of the geopolitical changes. The symposium’s primary aim is to improve the understanding of the post-war social and economic conditions that shaped the labour market. By highlighting specific fields of work, it will also facilitate a discussion of individual aspects of discrimination as empowerment of women in the labour market. 

The event and presentations will be held in English. The event program can be found on the following web-site: project-eirene.eu/eirene-workshops