Friedrich Engels: Die Aktualität eines Klassikers

Conference, 19-21 February 2020, Wuppertal, Germany (in German)

Die Aktualität eines Klassikers
The Timeliness of a Historic Figure
Internationaler Kongress an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal
19. – 21. Februar 2020

Gaußstraße 20, 42119 Wuppertal


The conference will cover the wide range of Engels’ scientific innovations as well as his political activities and his journalistic works. His manifold relations to literature and the literary life of his time are also to be discussed. Frequently depicted as a mere popularizer of Marx’ theory, Engels is deemed accountable for its dogmatization in “real existing Socialism”.

But this widespread image, however, fails to capture both the innovative potential in a variety of Engels’ works and his insightful observations concerning historical possibilities for political action. The conference, therefore, intends a reassessment of Engels’ scientific achievements and political activity.

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