CfP: Workers' Income in Maritime Industries

Call for papers, deadline 31 May 2020

Dear colleagues

It is a pleasure to contact you in order to invite you to a new activity. Through a second call for papers, we have the opportunity to send a proposal for a panel at the XIX World Economic History Congress, to be held at Paris on July 25-30, 2021 (

The merchant marine is one of the economic sectors where the salary, as a form of remuneration, appeared earlier. Since the fourteenth century, labour payment wages (under various names) coexisted with other forms of remuneration based on risk-sharing commercial adventure. Wage system widespread especially between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and can be documented as a parallel to the development of capitalism in the shipping industry, and parallel to the radical separation between labour and capital process.

From that stand point, we call for proposals on the topic of workers’ income in maritime industries in a broader scope, that is, from direct forms of retribution of seafarers, dockworkers, shipbuilders or fishermen (risk-sharing, wages, smuggling, prices, etc.) to the role of professional elites as economic agents or investors. The study of the form of remunerations in the maritime industries is a good opportunity to put in place maritime labour history in a wider approach to labour issues.

We invite you to submit your proposals in the next weeks, so we can send a panel proposal. Deadline for proposals is 31 May 2020

Jordi Ibarz (Universitat de Barcelona)
Enric Garcia (Universitat de Barcelona)
Coordinators of the Maritime Labour History Working Group / European Labour History Network