Libertarian Atheneon of Volos, Greece



We are Libertarian Atheneon of Volos (Greece), a collective venture that started in June of 2019. We attach a full description (presentation_LAV) about who we are and our political function as Libertarian Atheneon in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Turkish (the translations in Portuguese and French were made with fellow contribution of comrades). We decided to appeal to many anarchist and libertarian ventures (atheneons, collectives, libraries etc.) worldwide asking for economical support so that our venture continues to run. We also ask for additions to our libertarian library and we also wish to get acquainted with. We also attach a pdf which includes photos of Libertarian Atheneon of Volos and posters of past monthly program, political events, discussions, screenings etc. that run in Libertarian Atheneon of Volos until now.

For more information feel free to ask in this mail address. We can communicate in English, Turkish and Spanish.

Comrade greetings,

The assembly of Libertarian Atheneon of Volos

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