The International Newsletter of Communist Studies XXIV/XXV (2018/2019), no. 31-32

Announcement of publication

Dear Readers, Authors and Correspondents,
Dear Friends

We are happy to present you with issue no. 31/32 (2018/2019) of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies (INCS). Due to the fact that both editors have to conduct this project in their spare time, being impacted by workload related to other projects, there was a delay in publishing this issue. We apologise to our authors and readers, and hope to be able to publish INCS on an annual schedule again, starting from this year.

The current issue can be read online at the following link:

The current issue encompasses 335 pages and features news on recent developments of communist studies and archives, six project reports, eight reviews, three review essays, and five article contributions, ranging from early Soviet archival documents to 1960s Argentina, from the international Left Opposition to the late GDR and post-1989 China. It includes a hitherto unpublished article by the late Pierre Broué, one of the founders of the International Newsletter. It also features the 2017/2018 International Bibliography of Communist Studies, encompassing 1367 titles from 54 countries.

We would like to welcome our new correspondents Daniel Gaido, who is a researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Conicet) and Professor of History at the University of Córdoba, Argentina, and Maria Luisa Nabinger, Retired History Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Issue no. 33 (2020) of the International Newsletter of Communist Studies will be published in late 2020. We are looking forward to receiving any sort of relevant information and contributions from our readers before *30 September, 2020*, including news on archives and institutions, project presentations, announcements of new publications, bibliographic items from the years 2019–2020, suggestions for book reviews, and proposals for articles on aspects of the history of the Communist International, communist and socialist regimes and movements, the history of workers’ and revolutionary internationalism, the cultural Left, and related topics. Also, in accordance to the original goals of the International Newsletter in the 1990s, we would specifically like to encourage annotated publications of archival documents relevant for the history of communism. For review suggestions, article and sources contributions, we would ask you to get in touch as soon as possible, so we can evaluate the proposals and give you enough time to complete your manuscripts. In doing so, please be aware of our formal guidelines and refer to the style sheet published on the website.

All the very best,

The Editors,
Bernhard H. Bayerlein and Gleb J. Albert (Bochum–Zürich, 26 February 2020)

PS: We still have a limited stock of printed International Newsletter issues from 1993–1998. Libraries and research institutions are welcome to request copies to be shipped to them free of charge.