Washing hands, mouth caps, health, hygiene and... Chinese propaganda posters

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Washing hands, mouth caps,, campaigns against infectuous diseases and for health and hygiene in general: all this can be found in the large collection of Chinese propaganda posters of the IISH and Stefan Landsberger. From the ‘Patriotic Health Campaign’ (1952) to the campaign against SARS and Avian Flu (2003), the images are online at https://chineseposters.net and https://www.flickr.com/photos/chinesepostersnet/

(See images in attached pdf and jpg; descriptions below)

Designer unknown (佚名)
Early 1980s
Prevent infectuous respiratory disease
Yufang huxidao chuanran bing (预防呼吸道传染病)
Call nr: BG E15/604 (Landsberger collection)

Designer: Zhang Wenxin
1952, June
To do a good job in epidemic prevention and hygiene work is concrete patriotic behavior in the battle to smash American imperialist germ warfare!
Zuohao fangyi weisheng gongzuo, jiushi fensui Mei diguozhuyi xijun zhande juti aiguo xingdong! (作好防疫卫生工作,就是粉碎美帝国主义细菌战的具体爱国行动!)
Call nr.: PC-1952-004 (Private collection)

Designer: Specialist unit of the Chongqing small leading group against SARS of the Chongqing Health Bureau (重庆市卫生局非典型肺炎防治工作领导小组专家组)
2003, Spring
Millions of people all of one mind fight against SARS
Wanzhong yixin kangji "feidian" (万众一心抗击‘非典’)
Call nr.: BG E15/428 (Landsberger collection)

Designer: Wan Zaishan, Zhang Wenda (万载山,章文达)
1983, December
Prevent viral hepatitis
Yufang bingduxing ganyan (预防病毒性肝炎)
Call nr.: BG E15/812 (Landsberger collection
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