Website launch: "Historia obrera"

Announcement (in Spanish)

A new website on Argentina’s labour history has been launched.

The independent offers numerous resources and multimedia content including books, postcasts, music, and films.

The initiative counts with the support of a number of worker organisations including the Sindicato de Luz y Fuerza de Mar del Plata, Asociación del Personal de la UNMdP and Asociación Gremial de Trabajadores/as del Subterráneo y el Premetro (AGTSyP).

Historia Obrera is led by Gustavo Contreras, Andrea Andújar (IIEGE/UBA–CONICET), Laura Caruso (IDAES/UNSAM–CONICET), Pablo Ghigliani (UNLP–CONICET), Juan Ladeuix (UNMdP), Agustín Nieto (UNMdP–CONICET), Gonzalo Pérez Álvarez (UNPSJB–CONICET), and Fernando Forio.

* Please note that, for the time being, the site is only available in Spanish *

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