Information about IALHI Conference and General Assembly


This year’s IALHI Conference and General Assembly will not take place in its usual form. The event hosted by Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv in Zürich has been postponed to 2021. Instead, there will be an online two-day event, on 10-11 September.

The General Assembly, for IALHI members, will take place on Thursday, 10 September, at 13:00 (Central European Time). 

On the afternoon of Thursday, 10 September, there will be a session with member presentations. This year, the IALHI would like to promote a conversation about the way the “corona crisis” has impacted the work of labour history institutions worldwide. Some possible questions to be addressed: How are IALHI members working towards further digitization and virtualization of their services and activities? How are they adapting their 'physical' spaces and activities? How does it affect the collection policies? How do they include people who do not have access to digital resources? Are they facing financial or organizational problems? Is the current crisis having structural/institutional consequences and affecting collection strategies and collaboration in a permanent manner?

We hope that this mode of conference will encourage contributions by members in all regions of the world.

Finally, on Friday, 11 September (starting at 13:00, Central European Time), there will be a number of online workshops around topics of interest for our members, such as communication through social media, digital preservation, and collaboration with the Social History Portal search engine.

The final program of the event, as well as all the technical information necessary to attend the online sessions, will be sent by mid-August.