The Finlayson old factory

The oldest part of the factory, called 'Kuusivooninkinen ' ( 'Six floors') in the middle was build in 1836. The lower building on its left was made in the 1850's. On the foreground is the turbine-engine room from 1876. The top of the tower is the sprinkler tower, build in 1896. Today part of the factory is used as an exhibition room for the Central Museum of Labour in Finland.

The monument of cooperation, 1950

This monument was erected 1950 in the Eteläpuisto (Southern Park) in Tampere for the 50th birthday of the co-operation. It was made by the famous Finnish sculptor Wäinö Aaltonen. At the time of erection it was pointed out that there were lots of monuments for politicians and military leaders, for war victories and victims but hardly none for the peaceful construction of the society


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