McCarthy Peace

Opposition to the policies of President Lyndon Johnson (1908-1973) in Vietnam sparked an opposition run by for his party's presidential nomination by Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy (1916- ) based on a peace platform. The McCarthy campaign's successes in early primaries quickly forced Johnson to withdraw from the primary campaigns and announce that he would not seek re-election. Shahn's poster draws upon the dove as an international symbol of peace while at the same time the dove is not staid but active in Shahn's drawing.

New York University Strike Poster

This poster threatens a strike against New York University during collective bargaining negotiations. NYU prides itself on being a 'private university in the public service' and a 'Global University' with branch campuses around the world. Text specific to NYU replaces the traditional spaces on the popular board game Monopoly. By linking the university's behavior with the popular game, and the clever use of the iconography associated with the game, the union is objecting to the failure to reach a contract agreement and threatening a strike.