Poster from the Election 1936

Healthy flats lor poor children is the inscription on this socialdemocratic poster from the general election 1936. The socialdemocrats were in govemment 1932-1976,1982-91 and from 1994 onwards. During the 1930-ies the welfare society was under construction trying to reach social democracy with central questions like grant for housebuilding, paid holiday by law, pension by law and unemployment benefit.

Attika is All of Us

In September 9, 1971 1,281 prisoners at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York revolted against abuse and took 43 guards prisoner. Four days later the state police and corrections officers assaulted the prison in a six minute hail of gunfire. In that short space of time 29 prisoners and ten guards were killed, almost all by the assaulting officers. Attica came to symbolize for most of America the brutal and racist conditions in prisons. Using artwork with Native American themes and with a Germanic spelling of Attica, this poster links all people with the struggle at

Poster 'Freedom! Not Terror'

Wahlplakat der Sozialdemokratischen Partei der Stadt Zürich. Bei den Zürcher Gemeinderatswahlen 1933 verbanden sich bürgerliche Parteien mit der nazistischen Nationalen Front. Das Bündnis bescherte den Schweizer Nazis zehn Sitze. Die rote Mehrheit in Exekutive und Stadtparlament blieb indes gewahrt.


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