La Repubblica nuovamente ritrovata, del governo dell’Eutopia...

The birth of the modern age and printed book to was accompanied, in the XV and XVI century, by the revival of the search for the causes of the oppression of man on man and by a detailed planning of a State that could prevent it: Eutopia or good place or rather Outopia or non-existent place according to the two possible meanings of the word 'Utopia.' Imaginary journeys that became even object of irony and of romantic narrations. Book. First italian edition translated by Ortensio Lando, Vinegia, 1548

Almanac of Mutualistes, 1906

Cover of The Almanac of Mutualistes by Leopold Mabilleau, published in 1906. Leopold Mabilleau, director of the Musée social, was the first President of the Fédération nationale de la mutualité française (FNMF = National Federation of French Mutual) which was founded in the Musée Social in 1902.

Labour Party Manifesto, 1945

1945 was an important year for the British Labour Party. Founded in 1900, it had twice formed governments in 1924 and 1929, but it did not enjoy a majority in either of these and was heavily defeated by a coalition of all the bourgeois parties in 1931. In 1940, just before the fall of France, on the invitation of Winston Churchill the Labour Party joined a coalition government. Its leader Clement Attlee became deputy Prime Minister. When the war in Europe ended, an election was called.