IALHI Web Museum - How to contribute

All IALHI institutions are invited to contribute:
Participants are asked to send ten images of visual items from their own collection, which they feel are interesting and important in themselves, and also are representative of their collection and of (a part of) the labour movement in their country. Preferably, we receive good quality digitized images in TIFF format or JPEG format.

What to select:
Without enforcing strict criteria, some similarity between the material should be reached. So we propose the following guidelines:

  • spreading in time: something old, something not so old, something fairly recent;
  • different types of material: a banner, a photo, a print or cartoon, a poster, an object, a book or archival document;
  • different sorts of organizations/tendencies: parties, trade unions, action groups;
  • at least one historical object concerning a 'founder' of the labour movement in your country;
  • at least one photo of an important site: a building, a square or street where an important event took place;
  • at least one photo of a monument, either a proper monument or a funereal monument;
  • at least one item connected to an important strike.

Please note: all this is to be applied flexible within the context of your collection!

Which data to provide:
The images should be accompanied by data, to be entered in the Webmuseum database:

  • inventory number/call number/item number;
  • author (photographer, designer, etc.);
  • organization (publisher or subject);
  • date;
  • object category (photo, poster, object, print, flag/banner, ...);
  • a short text, maximum 100 words.

These data and the short text are very important to explain 'museum visitors' what is important or interesting about the picture, what the meaning is, who is portrayed, etc. etc. We prefer to receive English texts, if this is not possible let us know.