Russia in the Last Century

CFP: conference in Teheran

Russian Politico-Social Events in the Last Century
Center for Documents & Diplomatic History
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Teheran, 27-28 February 2001

Call for Papers

The Center for Documents and Diplomatic History of the Iranian Foreign Ministry intends to convene an international seminar on "The Russian Politico-Social Developments during the last Century" on 27-28 Feb. 2001.

The following subjects are to be examined:

  • The Impact of Mass Media on Russian Politico-Social Developments (Telegraph, Newspaper, Telephone, Radio, TV, Cinema, Internet...)
  • The Efficiency of the Political-Administrative Structure: Tsarist Era, Communist Era
  • Nationalism and the Developments in International Relations: A Case Study of Russia
  • Russian Nationalism and the Question of the Peoples during the Imperial and Socialist Eras
  • The Shift in the Social Interpretation of Basic Concepts of Welfare, Justice, Independence, Security...
  • Split and Collapse in the Eastern Block (the Chinese Revolution, Balkan Crisis, Poland's Developments...)
  • The Russian Regional Foreign Policy: the Tsarist Kremlin and the Red Kremlin
  • Iran's Place in Russian Foreign Policy during the last Century

Experts, scholars and interested individuals are invited to submit a one-page abstract of their unpublished papers (typescript) to the Seminar Secretariat no later than 5 December 2000 at the following address:

Center for Documents and Diplomatic History
P.O. Box 19395-1793
Islamic Republic of Iran
Fax: +9821 2802649

Posted: 25 September 2000