Intermediaries in labour relations

Ann: a workshop in Brussels, 5 December 2008

Intermediaries in labour relations from pre-industrial societies to the XXth century - Brussels 12/08

The FWO Research Network "Labour 1500-2000"; The National Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS); The ULB Business History Group; The ULB Institute for the Study of Europe, Brussels 05.12.2008, ULB Institute for the Study of Europe / Institut d'etudes europeennes - 39-41, av. Roosevelt

Nowadays, following the rise of financial markets, economics has got a grip on the word "intermediation" and ended up assigning a very limited meaning to it, that of financial intermediation. A quick search in university libraries catalogues confirms this impression: the search results in an overwhelming number of titles related to financial economy, market economy and banking systems. Such works, though useful, give us only a partial insight into the multiplicity of forms that intermediation takes and may take in a long term (be it from a cultural, economic or political point of view).

Emphasis has been laid on economy for this workshop. But as such, we wish also to recast intermediation in a much broader scope: we view it as a phenomenon of social interactions, which does not reduce itself to the financial world but, on the contrary, expresses itself in an extended range of activities - whether formal or informal - in the labour relations.


Free University of Brussels (ULB)
Institute for the Study of Europe
39-41 av. Roosevelt - Brussels

Friday 5 December 2008
9h00 - 17h45

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