Labour History

TOC: Number 95 (2008)

From: Greg Patmore [mailto][/mailto]

Please find below the list of contents for the current issue of Labour History [...]. Of particular interest is a special thematic in the issue that relates to Trans-Tasman Labour History, which brings together a number of perspectives on Australian and New Zealand Labour History. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy please contact Margaret Walters at [mailto][/mailto]

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Labour HistoryA Journal of Labour and Social History
Number 95 * November 2008

Trans-Tasman Labour History
Editors: Ray Markey and Kerry Taylor

Trans-Tasman Labour History: Introduction Ray Markey and Kerry Taylor

Class Formation and Political Change: A Trans-Tasman Dialogue Erik Olssen and Bruce Scates

Gender and the Trans-Tasman World of Labour: Transnational and Comparative Histories Raelene Frances and Melanie Nolan

Trade Union Structure and Politics in Australia and New Zealand Bradon Ellem and Peter Franks

An Antipodean Phenomenon: Comparing the Labo(u)r Party in New Zealand and Australia Ray Markey

'Practical Utopians': Rochdale Consumer Co-operatives in Australia and New Zealand Nikola Balnave and Greg Patmore

The Changing Role of the State: Regulating Work in Australia and New Zealand 1788-2007 Gordon Anderson and Michael Quinlan

A Trans-Tasman Union Community: Growing Global Solidarity Shelley Harford

A Tale of Two Towns: Industrial Pickets, Police Practices and Judicial Review David Baker

Other articles

'His tap root was stronger and more tenacious than that of most of us': Robert Semple, an Australian New Zealander Carina Hickey

Rethinking Cold War History
David McKnight

Mr Big, the Big Fella and the Split: Fault lines in Bankstown's Labor Politics, 1955 Andrew Moore

Minimum Living Standards and the Working-Class Surplus: Higgins, Henderson and Housing Dick Bryan

Strategic Choices and Unintended Consequences: Employer Militancy in Victoria's Meat Industry, 1986-93 Patrick O'Leary and Peter Sheldon

Blackball '08: The Commemoration
Peter Franks

Conference Report
Race, Nation, History: A Conference in Honour of Henry Reynolds, Canberra, 29-30 August 2008 Lyndall Ryan