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The Biographical Archive of the Workers Movement ( announces the release of the first work of its new series dedicated to the international labor movement. And what better timing for this than on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Third International, the Communist International?

To this fundamental event in the history of the world workers’ movement we have dedicated a work that collects (and tells) the lives of the majority of those who have been, at various levels and in various capacities, the main protagonists until its fourth congress. The result was therefore 1,411 biographies, of exponents from 69 nations in the world, which make up the central body of the first three volumes of the biographical dictionary.

A work that was only possible thanks to the collaboration of 77 scholars from 27 nations. More than 3,300 sources, which appear in the fourth volume of the apparatuses, were consulted for this purpose; they are a clear demonstration of the vastness of the research work carried out. The work is also enriched by a wide political chronology spanning from 1907 to 1946, and from a repertoire concerning the history of each workers’ movement and communist party of over 70 nations.

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