Exhibition on black Chartist leader William Cuffay (1788-1870)

Online exhibition

The Medway Archives Centre has put on-line a new exhibition about the life and activity of William Cuffay.

Cuffay was born in Gillingham and moved to London when he was 19. He was the leader of London Chartism in 1848. Arrested and sentenced to be transported to Tasmania for his political activity, he continued to work as a labour organiser there until his death in 1870, 150 years ago.

The exhibition gives an important introduction to Cuffay’s life both in Medway and after. It contains excellent archival material which hopefully will stimulate more research into his life. It can be accessed through this link: https://www.medway.gov.uk/info/200393/cuffay_and_chatham_exhibition/1158/introduction_to_cuffay_and_chatham_exhibition