CfP: Cultural Identity, Tradition and Belief System: from Discourse to Practice

Call for papers, deadline 31 January 2021

Organized by Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies

(An autonomous body of the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, New Delhi)

Dahung, West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh- 790116

Date: 24, 25, 26 March 2021

Cultural identity, tradition and belief systems as scaffoldings underscoring the processes and core elements of any ‘discursive formation’ or ‘cultural practice’ bring into fore not only the historical background or worldview of such practices but, in turn, also accentuate the socio-economic and political foundation of such formations. Acclimatization of cultural identity, tradition and belief system as causal factors within the continuum of discourse and every life practices always helps to trail an alternative understanding of any discursive formation or practice as a space constituted with multiplicity of interrelations, trajectories and slices persistently travelling in the process of continuous becoming wiping out the presuppositions conventionally adapted. Such an alternative understanding is necessary for re-conceptualizing these causal factors in a way that may challenge and fulminate against the discourse and practices claiming some authenticated secrets, which, in turn, may enable new insights for understanding discursive formations influencing the everyday life practices and discourse themselves. Such understanding also helps to understand the uniqueness, novelty and the degree of interpellation emerged in cultural identity, tradition and belief system in due course of historical development.

These are the causal factors reciprocally working as culture signifying practices. Even cultural identity itself is a formation of discursive practice. Tradition is an inherent and acquired shared cultural practice subject change over time. Belief system not only binds people or community together but also contributes towards emerging cultural identity eulogizing the worldview. Through cultural identity individuals share common codes, tradition, belief and historical experiences delineating the sense of oneness as traditionally experienced by the Buddhist, Hindu, Jainas and so on. It is explicable that the development of a historical sense of cultural identity, tradition and belief system is underlined with an intrinsic logic of understanding differences between what may be collectively conceptualized and the emerging changes in the society. The worldview constituted with cultural identity, tradition and belief system leading to the formation of the material basis and philosophical underpinnings of any discursive
formation equally generate novel worldviews in the course of emerging historical circumstances. These causal factors while generating the sense of contemporaneity equally invoke associated reference to the past. These factors belong to the future as much as to the past. One cannot read history of any discursive cultural formation detaching from those causal factors.

Reading these causal factors in a scholarly platform is an urgent need of time when the entire world cultural communities are going through the process of assimilation, influence and fecund negotiations. In this juncture, it is essential to read the foundational secrets of cultural communities within a single stage for comparative analysis. The conference while engendering multidimensional perspectives towards cultural identity, tradition and belief system will help in scholarly study of the shared and unique facets of various culture signifying practices in a single global podium.

Call for Paper:

Incorporating all these important issues, CIHCS, Dahung is organizing an international online conference on the theme “Cultural Identity, Tradition and Belief System: from discourse to practice” on 24th, 25th & 26th March 2021. For presentation, the Organizing Committee invites abstract (within 300 words) with maximum 5 keywords and scholarly unpublished research papers (within 6000 words) on any one of the sub-themes mentioned below with reference to Buddhism. The paper presenters are
requested to prepare their papers following the latest guidelines of research methodology. The format for preparing abstract and full paper is as follows: MS Word, 12 font, Times New Roman. The medium of the conference will be English.

Registration and Abstract Submission:

The interested participants are requested to register their participation and to submit the abstracts through the following link:

Medium of the Conference:

The medium of the conference will mainly be English; however, considering the mandate and nature of the Institute, it is also decided to arrange one technical session in Bhoti (Tibetan) language as well. A specific amount of research papers in Bhoti language will also be accepted. 

Objectives: To discuss the following issues:

 Continuities and Change in cultural identity, tradition and belief system

 Exchange and uniqueness in cultural identity, tradition and belief system

 Value and problems in cultural identity, tradition and belief system

 Contribution of cultural identity, tradition and belief system towards human capital

 Liberating and disciplinary power in cultural identity, tradition and belief system


i. Processes of formation and development: cultural Identity, tradition and belief system

ii. Founding worldview vis-à-vis cultural Identity, tradition and belief system

iii. Material and Ideological base of cultural Identity, tradition and belief system

iv. Formation of Community and Nationhood: role of cultural Identity, tradition and belief system

v. Religious and Socio-economic dimensions of cultural Identity, tradition and belief system

Important Dates:

Conference Date : 24th, 25th & 26th March 2021

Last date of Abstract Submission : 31st January 2021

Declaration of Acceptance : 5th February 2021

Last Date of Full Paper Submission : 10th March 2021

Last Date of Registration : 10th March 2021

Conference Modality:

 The conference will be organized completely through online.

 Paper presenters, keynote speakers and all participants will be participating in live interaction.

 The conference will be held in Zoom App.

Important Note:

There will be no registration fee for the conference

Certificate and Publication:

 Participants will receive e-certificate of participation within one month after the conference

 All the accepted full papers presented in the conference will be published with an ISB publication.

Programme Schedule:

Details of keynote Speaker, presentation guidelines etc. shall be communicated to the concerned participants in due course of time.

Login Credentials for online connectivity will be shared with the participants latest by 23rd March 2021.

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