CfP: Call for Papers «Acronia» 1/2021 - Spaces, borders and anarchy

Call for papers, deadline 29 January 2021
Call for Papers «Acronia» 1/2021
Spaces, borders and anarchy
Guest editors
Elena Bignami (Independent Researcher)
Roberto Carocci (Roma Tre University, IT)
Pietro Di Paola (University of Lincoln, UK)
Deadline for submission of the abstract (not more than 1000-1500 words and a short bio of the author): January 15th, 2021
Notification of acceptance of the abstract: January 29th, 2021
Studies in the history of anarchism have seen the emergence in recent years of new generations of scholars who have transformed this field of research. Their novel contributions have shown that the history of anarchism and of radical movements is far from being marginal, and indeed is a rich source of themes to explore or refine, and of disciplinary and methodological approaches to engage with.
The history of the anarchist movement and of its influence in its various manifestations – ideological, political, social, cultural, gendered etc. – is in large part yet to be thoroughly investigated.
The online review «Acronia. Studies in the history of anarchism and of radical movements» is designed to open up a space for historiographical debate and innovative interpretation, promoting original investigations in fields such as transnationalism, gender studies, post-colonial studies, labour history, global history, history of emotions, and history of mentalities, in the context of the self-fashioning of modernity and of the drawing of comparisons with radical movements.
Anarchism has always brought into question and sought to enlarge the spaces of its activity, and to break down every kind of boundary and constriction, be it political, cultural, legislative, or relating to gender, etc. «Acronia» is informed by the same spirit, and therefore welcomes contributions from historians of anarchism prepared to venture into other thematic areas, and from historians within other disciplines who are willing to address the history of anarchism.
For the launch of its first issue in the Spring of 2021, the editorial team of the review «Acronia. History of anarchism and of radical movements» invites contributions in Italian and/or in English on the theme: Spaces, borders, and anarchy. Spaces and borders are to be understood in the broadest possible sense.
Without ruling out other lines of enquiry, possible areas to explore would include:
Spaces and borders of research concerning the anarchist movement and radical movements: anarchism as a transnational movement, the relationship between the transnational and the translocal dimension, anarchism and nationalism, a putative non-eurocentric account of the history of anarchism, anarchism and post-colonialism.
Restriction upon spaces and the imposition of borders for containment and/or repression: courts, prisons, mental asylums, house arrest, confinement, concentration camps, censorship, systems of political surveillance.
Spaces and gendered borders: anarchism and feminism, anarchist women, anarchism and the LGBTQ+ movement, sexual liberation.
Spaces, emotional borders and borders in relationships: the expression of sentiments: theatre, novels, songs, chants, poetry, autobiographies. Familial and affective relationships, intergenerational relationships, personal polemics, friendships.
Disruption of, and liberation from spaces and borders: attempted insurrections, protest movements, occupations, antimilitarism, national liberation movements.
Borders of politics: the controversial question of institutions, political and anti-political goals, relationships with, contamination by, continuities and breaches with the so-called allied/kindred parties and with the Risorgimento tradition.
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