The Finnish Labour Studies Yearbook 2020

Book announcement
Työväentutkimus Vuosikirja (The Finnish Labour Studies Yearbook) is published every November by The Institutions of Labour Heritage in Finland (The Finnish Labour Heritage Association/The Library of the Labour Movement, The Labour Archives, The People’s Archives, The Finnish Society for Labour History, The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas). The 2020 issue is now out with extensive 160 pages, this year also including articles in English for international readers.
The Yearbook 2020 is a special issue with a theme: Nordic Countries in Finnish Perspective. Originally, the issue was planned to be released not only in Helsinki but also in Copenhagen, in the Nordic Labour History Conference, and the theme articles were written in English. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the conference was called off, but our choice of language in the articles remains. 
The research articles on the theme include Dr Sami Outinen’s article on the ideological development of the Finnish and Swedish Social Democratic Parties, Dr Ilkka Kärrylä’s article on the discussion on the Swedish wage-earner fund model among Finnish social-democrats and the trade unions during the 1970s and 1980s, and Docent Mikko-Olavi Seppälä’s article on the representations of the Sweden-based Finnish migrant workers and their attitudes against EEC in Finnish theatre. Furthermore, Docent Tauno Saarela explores the history of the Finnish Socialist Workers’ Party (1920–1923), and Dr Matias Kaihovirta discusses the relationship between na¬tionalism and socialism in the Finnish social democratic labour movement during the first half of the 20th century by focusing on the Finnish-Swedish socialist politician Karl H. Wiik. 
The issue also contains two articles in Finnish, namely MA Maija Absetz’ research article on 1984 Unemployment Security Act, and M.Soc.Sc. Pentti Peltoniemi’s article on the history of the Finnish freelance journalists.
The Yearbook offers, once again, a wide range of other articles. In the Discussion section, we get to take a look at today’s Nordic labour heritage organisations, with the director of the Workers Museum in Copenhagen, Søren Bak-Jensen, and the director of the Norwegian Labour Movement Archives and Library, Ole Martin Rønning, introducing their organisations.
The issue also includes master’s theses presentations, book reviews and information about The Institutions of Labour Heritage in Finland, in the Finnish language.
The Yearbook is available online in (open access).
If you are interested in ordering a printed copy, you can do so by contacting The Library of the Labour Movement: perinne [at] Single issue prices are 12 € for delivery to Finland and 14 € for delivery outside Finland.
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