CfP: Communist Party of Brazil and the worlds of labour

Call for papers, deadline 1 May 2022

Mundos do Trabalho announces a call for papers for the dossier PCB and the worlds of labour, edited by Edilene Toledo (Unifesp) and Paulo Fontes (UFRJ). The dossier will be published in volume 14 in 2022. Submit your original contribution in Portuguese, English, or Spanish. The deadline is May 1st, 2022.

On the 100th anniversary of the foundation the Communist Party of Brazil (PCB), this dossier is open to articles that analyze the complex relationships between its long and tumultuous trajectory and the experiences of the Brazilian working-class. Throughout the 20th century, the PCB was a fundamental actor in the world of workers’ politics and in its organizational dynamics, both in the rural and urbans areas. This dossier is interested in original research that emphasizes a perspective from below, highlighting the role of communist workers in the workplace, in the labor movements, in social movements, in the workers’ communities and neighborhoods and in political and electoral life in general. Analyzes that problematize, in an historical perspective, the relations and debates carried out by the Communists on themes such as class, gender, race, regional origins, generations, culture, among others, are also welcome. The dynamics established by the PCB with other political currents active in the labor movement are also of interest of the dossier, as well as its relations with the ruling classes and the State. Proposals that analyze the PCB and the words of work in their transnational and comparative dimensions will also be considered.

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